Robert Benton Lewis Sr. served during World War II in the 4th Engineer Special Brigade (4th ESB). His unit in that brigade was the 594th Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment (594th EB&SR). He started this site to organize and preserve history about the 594th EB&SR. He is the contact point for the web site as well. You can reach him in several ways:

E-mail - The first part of the email address is rlewis5 and the second part of the address is houston.rr.com. You make a real email address like this: firstpart@secondpart.

phone - 713-436-9869
US Mail - 2810 South Peach Hollow Ct
Pearland, TX USA 77584


On the right, Bob Lewis in 1944.

Over time, veterans (and their descendants) from all of the United States Army’s Engineer Special Brigades contributed information. We have widened the scope of the site to include info about all six Brigades.

Tech 4th Grade Bob Lewis made his unit home during his Army base service and consequently the home page of this web site is named 594th.

If you want to get a better idea of how the site is organized, you can select the Site Map icon above. It also allows you to navigate the pages based on their name.

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